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ALM K9 is committed to offering exceptional pet Obedience Training services in the community of Trent Hills and surrounding area.

ALM K9 focuses on guiding dog owners on their journey to achieve a balanced and healthy relationship with their pets.

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Cohabitation between dogs and humans has been around for thousands of years. However, recently the nature of the connection between dogs and humans has changed a great deal. Dogs are no longer simply a tool for securing food, herding, and protection. For many people, dogs have become members of the family. On the plus side, dogs can provide humans with a never-ending supply of unconditional love. On the down side, although our intentions are good, many of the signals we send our dogs can confuse them as to who is the student and who is the teacher. Without this necessary stability, dogs can develop unwanted behaviours from over excitability to serious acting out that can be a major safety concern. The key is to have a clear understanding of canine behaviour as well as using a realistic approach to training your dog.

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