Andrea McGill

Andrea is a hardworking, dedicated animal caregiver with over 20 years of experience and her credentials include:

  • Canine Emergency Care and Accident Prevention Certification
  • Basic Canine Behaviour 101 Certification
  • Member of the Cannadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers
  • Worked with numerous proffesional dog trainers
  • Veterinary Assistant, Animal Care - small animal veterinary clinic
  • Pre-op assistant & Post-op care - equine surgical veterinary clinic
  • OSPCA Volunteer
  • Coaching Diploma Honours Graduate



"Shyla was a fairly good dog in the home, but we had some major problems with aggression against other dogs on the walk and we could never let her off-leash as she would not come when she was called. After just a few sessions with Andrea, we could see major improvements in Shyla, and not just on the walks. Andrea's techniques improved Shyla's behaviour overall and she is a much happier and relaxed dog. In addition, Andrea designed a personalized program for Shyla's recall and we are extremely pleased with the results" -- Ute


"My doberman, Max, is definitely stronger than me so control on a leash had been one of my top priorities. I had tried 3 types of collars and 2 different trainers and I still couldn't walk Max on a leash without sore hands (or sliping on the ice during the winter).
After one session with Andrea and 2 weeks of hard work, I only needed to correct Max once in a 45 min walk! I would definitely recommend Andrea for any of your dog walking or training needs as she also helped me to stop Max from turning into a tyrant when people came in through the door
." -- Claudia


"It was wonderful to meet Andrea and I knew immediately that I could trust her with my unique Pulis. Pulis are a complicated breed that require coat care and eye management that Andrea handled with ease. What a relief to know that some truly "puli free" holidays are possible!" -- Miv




"Andrea is a responsible and caring animal lover. She is one of the best animal handlers and trainers I know and has years of experience with all animals large and small. She is one of the only people I would ever leave my dogs and horses with, completely worry free. She has the right amount of kindness and discipline that my animals require. I know that once people get to know Andrea, they will never consider anyone else to care for their animals." -- Laurie

"I never thought I would ever find someone trustworthy, reliable and responsible enough to care for my dogs. Well, I was wrong. My dogs took to Andrea right away and I can now leave them in her care without worrying. I have one high-maintenance dog with some medical requirements and I feel 100% comfortable having Andrea care for him. Also, both dogs are better behaved on outings and absolutely love Andrea to death. Thank-You so much Andrea, you are a God-Send to me and my dogs. Keep up the awesome work you are doing with them both. You have a client for life." -- Jean






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